• Eyestem announces a significant milestone against an incurable form of blindness which affects over 150 M people globally

  • Eyestem listed among 30 entrepreuners and enables of Innovation at the Bengaluru Tech Summit

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  • Eyestem files a patent for a unified protocol for co-creation of its two products

  • Eyestem is awarded the prestigious Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG) from BIRAC

RPE is the pigmented layer of retina, specialized epithelium lying in the interface between the neural retina, nourishing retinal visual cells and the choriocapillaris where it forms the outer blood-retinal barrier (BRB).
Photoreceptors are the light sensing cells of the retina which primarily include the rods and cones, the delicate nerve layer that lines the back of the eye.
The damage of light absorption and transport due to loss of RPE and the dysfunction of light sensing photoreceptor cel­­ls are the major cause for these degenerative diseases.